"This Old House"
Judith Johnson Kypta

That old house sure brings back memories
As it bids me a "Welcome Home"
It’s as though it’s knows .... I am weary
From the many years, I have roamed

When I look upon ....It’s old surface
With it’s wood, all chipped and dried
Then thinking how it looked, years ago
Made me hang my head, and sigh

For that house, is a lot like me now
It too, has seen....Better days
Tilted a little, as though taking a bow
And when the wind blows hard, it sways

I too, am bent a little as I stand here
And my steps, not agile as before
I see the door knob is a little rusty
And some rooms, could use a new floor

Once inside, after I got myself settled
My memories drifted to times...Long ago
Brewing up a pot of tea from the kettle
How easily my memory seemed to flow

I remember Momma cooking in that kitchen
Wearing her apron, hands all white with flour
The aroma of bread baking in the oven.....
Dinner served at six, right on the hour

I could imagine old dog Shep at the fireplace
Hoping for a scrap of food from the table
Family sitting all together, I can see each face
Thanking God for blessings, when we were able

This old house and I, went through much together
With each holding a lot of memories in time.....
Standing through lives rugged storm and weather
Makes one wonder...’bout the reason and the rhyme

Now I am back to this house that I call home
And together we will enjoy our last day’s
As I try to mend the roof and all the rafters
And hold this old house down....As it sways!

Copyright ©2005 Judith Johnson Kypta
Used with permission * All rights reserved

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